Misty Update

This last week Misty (our beautiful Golden Retriever) was limping after chasing a ball in the garden. Despite Lyn’s administration of homeopathic arnica and devils claw (both for for pain & inflammation) she was not showing much improvement. Lyn felt that it was possible that the problem was actually a splinter or a thorn that had gone into one of her pads, so started giving silica a homeopathic remedy that expels foreign bodies such as splinters or thorns, along with epsom salt paw soaks and regular spraying of Colloidal Silver. 

As a bank holiday weekend was approaching a decision was made to visit our wonderful vet, Paul Grant at Oxted. He examined Misty and agreed with Lyn, that there was nothing obvious causing the limp, so suggested we simply continue with what we were doing, and let nature take its course, along with continuing with the harmless homeopathic remedies to hurry the process along. Unlike other vets who would have blindly prescribed anti-biotics, steroids, x-rays and exploratory procedures (at great cost), Paul, as he so often does, took the pragmatic approach.

Two days later, and Misty appears to be over whatever was troubling her and a run around Jubilee Park this morning confirmed her return to health.

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