weight checks for your pets


Free Weight Checks for pets from Paws NaturallyWeight plays a big part in the weigh health of your pet, just as it does with humans – so just like we do with ourselves, it is good to keep an eye on their weight.

Paws Naturally has a set of veterinary scales, to offer unlimited FREE weight checks for your pets.

We will help you keep a record of the weight of your pet and can advise you of how to maintain or change weight (where necessary) in a healthy manner.

This is important, particularly for puppies and kittens, so bring them in and we can get you started on a healthy weight monitoring programme.

If you have time – please browse through the library of books, information and leaflets (including weight charts and body shape posters) and chat to Lyn while you have a coffee at our info bar – sorry we do not offer bacon rolls and pastries – YET!!!!!