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Why Does Your Dog Need to Eat a Natural Raw Diet? A Brief Summary

This short article is designed to give you a brief overview on why all dogs should be fed a natural raw diet. For a more detailed look at this subject, please go to the main article on this subject – Why Does Your Dog Need to Eat a Natural Raw Diet?

Species Appropriate (Raw) Diets for Dogs

It is now well recognised that healthy eating for us humans is a no-brainer. Eat healthy and you will be healthy. Well – a less well known (and currently less recognised & accepted) fact is that the same applies to dogs.

A dog is a carnivore (the Oxford English Dictionary definition for a dog is – “a domesticated carnivorous mammal…carnivore”) and a carnivore is a “mammal with pointed teeth specialised for eating flesh…and feeding on animals”. Just like its close relative in the wild – the wolf – it is designed and has evolved over hundreds of years to eat a diet of raw meat and bone.

That is the simple fact, so here is a summary of the benefits of a natural raw diet:

– for a dog that is healthier

A dog being fed on the wrong diet will inevitably have poor health. This may not always be obvious, but can often result in tell-tale signs of a poor overall condition. When a dog is switched to a natural raw diet, which is species appropriate, this will almost always result in a marked improvement in the overall health and well-being of the dog

– for a dog that suffers less from upset tummies

Because the dog is eating a natural diet and food that its stomach and metabolism is designed to digest, there will be less upset stomachs. Just as in humans, upset stomachs normally result from eating something that is not appropriate

– for a dog that costs less at the vets

Simply put – the natural raw diet gives the dog the vitamins and nourishment that the body needs. This allows the body to ward off many ailments such as fleas and worms as well as skin infections, etc. So, no problems = no need to go to the vets. So you save lots of money.

– for a dog that leaves a lot less waste for you to clear up

A kibble fed dog ejects 70% of the volume of food it eats as a sloppy “chemical” poo. The dog’s digestive system likes natural raw food and will take much more goodness from it, resulting in only 30% of the volume eaten becoming waste. Not only is there less poo, but it is also firmer with no pungent odours

– for a dog that will have a much healthier & glossy coat

The natural raw diet is full of vitamins and nutrients that allow the skin and coat to flourish, resulting in less need for medicated shampoos & skin treatments and fewer baths.

– for a dog that will have healthier & sparkling teeth – and no bad breath

A kibble diet results in a significant plaque and tartar build up on the teeth and gums, which in turn causes disease and decay. Compare this to a natural raw diet including bones which act as “nature’s toothbrush” to ensure healthy teeth and no bad breath

– for a dog that will enjoy their food – like every day is Christmas day

The days of leaving food in the bowl for your dog to graze on (an un-healthy practice for all concerned) will be gone forever. Put down a natural raw meal and the dog will clear the bowl every time. That is because they really enjoy it and know that it is good for them

– for a dog that will have a stronger immune system – so less health issues

The natural vitamins and nutrients from the food are absorbed by the body to act as nature intended. Natural raw fed dogs will suffer far less from inflammatory conditions and general infections. Flea and worming treatments will become a thing of the past. They are simply not needed.

– for a dog that is less hyper & more relaxed & content

Because the dog is now eating a diet the body can properly digest, rather than having to combat all the chemicals and additives added to most you will see a calmness and control replace the spontaneous hyper behaviour

– for a dog that won’t gas you out of your own home

Less “chemical” poo and less wind. The stomach is far happier – so less reason to sound off about how uncomfortable it is


Now you might say that all the advertising on TV contradicts what you have just read in this article, and the advertising promotes the healthy values of the mainstream pet food products. Well of course it does. Pet food is a multi-billion pound industry and the big companies want a slice of the action and the huge profits it generates for them. However, just read the labels for yourselves. You will be amazed and possibly frightened at the contents – and what you have been feeding your dog.