About Us


The idea to start Paws Naturally was conceived in February 2016. However it had probably been germinating for several years up to then. Lyn Thompson has been training and conducting research in Dog Nutrition and Dog Psychology for a few years. This all started when her beloved Golden Retriever – Barney – was having some minor behavioural problems. After trying various solutions, Lyn contacted Nikki Brown of Canine Angel. Nikki, “The UK Natural Dog Whisperer”, quickly recommended a change of diet. Like many dogs, Barney had been fed a diet of kibble (the bagged biscuit food), as that was the “norm”. After a brief “conversion process” Barney changed to a raw fed diet – and the change was remarkable. He improved in so many ways. He looked healthier, his eyes sparkled, he became fitter and stronger, his coat shone. And his behaviour improved. As for meal times, Barney was ecstatic. No longer faced with a bowl of the same old boring lumps of dried food, each meal was different – a challenge of different tastes and textures. He now loves meal times.

So – Lyn was amazed and wanted to find out more about dog nutrition. She has since spent countless hours engaged in research on the subject. She has trained under Nikki Brown at Canine Angel (completing several courses over the last two years), to learn more about the psychology of dogs and the interaction between dog and owner and its environment. She has attended international conferences on dog nutrition and gained knowledge from the leading world experts.

In the mean time she has steadily preached the word of good dog nutrition. She has converted many of her dog walking friends and acquaintances to raw feeding – resulting in happier dogs and owners. But how could she spread the word more quickly and widely. The answer was to start a business and open a shop. Lyn had run a business on Royal Parade in Chislehurst, Kent since 1992 (Dolls House Parade), which had been through good times, but was sadly in decline. The dolls’ house business was moved upstairs (now to be web-based only), and a refit created a beautiful new shop to welcome our four-legged friends (and their owners, of course). Paws Naturally was duly added to the umbrella company, DHP Financial Limited, and the doors were opened on 19th April 2016. In addition, the website you are currently on was launched. So, Paws Naturally was born.

Please explore further on our web site and why not try to visit the shop, where you can meet Lyn and she will be happy to chat about your dog (or cat) – and offer you all the help and advice you need. She knows a lot – but if she cannot help you straight away she will be more than happy to use her research sources and contacts to find an answer for you.

Lyn’s mission in life is to CREATE healthier pets. Healthy Pet = Happy Pet = Happy Owner. She has seen the improvement in Barney and the extra joy he now brings to her – so why not let her share that knowledge with you.