Ticks – ‘orrible little things

We are now well into “tick season” – where these ‘orrible little things love nothing better than to jump from the long grass into the coats of passing dogs. It is important to spot and remove them as soon as you can Ticks can also transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Last week we had an “emergency” visit from our biggest customer – Cobi the Japanese Akita. He is the heaviest dog we have had on our scales so far – but a big softie at heart. His owner spotted the tick and, as she was unsure what to do, sensibly came into the shop to seek advice.
Lyn was able to show her how to remove the tick using theO’Tom Tick Twister Tool and applied a generous spraying on the bite site with Colloidal Silver which is perfect for cleaning wounds and keeping infections away.

Lyn ensured she went home with the right tools and advice to cope with any future “tick alerts”. A very happy owner, with a problem solved and no large vets bill to pay.

Both products can be found in store and on our website:

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