The Delivery Has Arrived

And here it is!!!! The food delivery for our new freezer has arrived. Over 250 kilos of wonderful natural food for our doggy customers. This is what 250 kilos of dog meal time heaven looks like. We now have huge supplies of chicken and turkey completes (everything your dog needs to start off on a new, natural healthy diet) – so why not come in today and see us. We can help you through the decision making process. We can help you tailor a specific diet for your dog. We can help you to ensure a healthy start to life as a “raw fed dog”. But most importantly – we can help you and your dog to leave behind the unhealthy diet that most big commercial dog food companies offer in their products.  At prices starting from £1.60 per 500g pack this is NOT an expensive alternative. Anyway – how much do you value your dog’s health? Come and see us soon.

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