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Our food ranges our based on meat and bones – which is biologically appropriate food for cats. We stock a range of complete minces from Nutriment as well as a range of pouches from Purrform which come in boxes of 6. We do not offer any dried foods for cats as we subscribe to the school of thought (supported by large bodies of research and evidence) that cats should not eat dried foods – as it damages their kidneys. We also stock a selection of RMBs (raw meaty bones) from respected suppliers such as Paleo Ridge & Nutriment – and some of the smaller items in that range would be suitable for cats.


Select from our range of natural treats and you can give your cat the reward deserved without filling them up with the sugars, cereals and additives which are contained in many of the mass market produced treats which are marketed by the mainstream suppliers


We believe greatly in and actively promote a policy in reducing the number of vet visits and the administering “toxic treatments”. This can be achieved by using our extensive range of natural herbal treatments, remedies and supplements.


All our other items have been selected with the health and safety of your pet in mind.